Virtual doesn’t have to be visual only – “Music for Flesh II @MarcoDonnarumma on #Vimeo #mscedc


2 thoughts on “Virtual doesn’t have to be visual only – “Music for Flesh II @MarcoDonnarumma on #Vimeo #mscedc”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Myles, it’s absolutely fascinating. I wonder, would you be able to add a short bit of metadata – just some notes, to contextualise this? Looking across the blogs I think we’ve been under-considering the aural dimension so it would be nice to give this a short explanatory note to open it up to the group.

  2. Upon reading Sterne (, J (2006) The historiography of cyberculture, chapter 1 of Critical cyberculture studies. New York University Press. pp.17-28. ) I was immediately struck by the fact that up until now there was little investigation into the non visual aspect of high technology in media and culture. Science Fiction is traditionally very visually stimulating as its job is to conjure radically different visions of futures best understood through a lens. But we are probably missing a good portion of the experience of the future of human existence by dismissing sound, feeling, smells even. All these things will exist in future so they should receive their own amount of focus at some stage too.

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