An entry for the EDC Week 3 playlist and a Cyborg sideline.

For any serious gamer there are few seminal titles more influential than Halo. The flag ship FPS (first person shooter) that accompanied the launch of Microsoft’s XBOX gaming console in 2001 was a major reason that the platform became so successful and has become one of the most popular gaming devices in the new millennium.

Anyone who’s played Halo: Combat Evolved will recall the haunting theme tune that accompanied the main menu and provided background to many of the cut scenes,  large scenic segments and the ending credits. Thoroughly rooted in the past , the early parts featuring chanting monks provided an atmosphere of both mystery (thinking armor clad knights and the crusade) and reverence to a game that was all about vast empty space and a strange, quasi religious experience involving alien covenants and rites of passage for the main character. The later parts of the score inject urgency, power and flight.

Given that many humans would love nothing more than to emulate the Master Chief (the main character and hero of the story) its interesting to note the it is never revealed throughout the entire series whether he is truly just a man of extreme martial ability or, more likely, an augmented meta human gifted with godlike bionic capabilities to achieve his incredible feats of survival and combative prowess. However, the price paid for such a ‘gift’ seems to never be really acknowledge but it is somehow projected? But no doubt,  if such a possibility existed then I dont think there would be any shortage of volunteers! A lesson for would be cyborgs perhaps?