4 thoughts on “Myles Thies – EDC Block 1 Digital Artefact”

  1. Fantastic. I love it. What you day and how you say it is great. Dare I say you are crazy, meaning it as a compliment?

  2. I especially like the comments in the final minute about the speed with which ideas are processed, and the risk of not centring / settling on, and pursuing, one idea down its rabbit hole to see where it leads. I wonder if tech creates, or enhances(!) this possibility.

  3. Thanks very much for this intriguing and entertaining visual artefact, Myles.

    Something I really like about your work here is the way that you’ve shaped the representational form – a cyborg commentary – to support the messages you’re trying to convey. Ray Land (2011) has talked about the possibilities of the digital form to enable us to be simultaneously playful and critical and your work does that really effectively. The video makes thoughtful and interesting points, however this is delivered with a light touch that works really well. So in a way, the medium becomes part of the argument that Cyborgmyles is making.

    “Perhaps this is a fate that we just must accept?” [at 4.40.]

    I thought this could have come straight from one of the science fictions film clips we’ve been watching. Resistance is futile! Kneel down before your technological determinist overlords!

    Here’s the reference to Land’s work that I mentioned above. In fact, you might find the chapter more broadly interesting from the perspective of speed that is mentioned in your video.

    Land, R. (2011). Speed and the unsettling of knowledge in the digital university. In Digital Difference: Perspectives on Online Learning. Land, R. and Bayne, S. (Eds.) (Rotterdam, Sense Publishers): 61-70.

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