As I am going through the readings for Block 1, I have been taken back to the “good ol’ days” of IDEL.  Actually, it wasn’t THAT long ago.  But the reminders I am struck with are the concepts of space and presence.

While I have been working through the various apps and platforms we will be using in EDC, I am struck by the different spaces I occupy.  I am a user of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and Moodle, just to name a few.  I have my own private blog and Twitter accounts that will not be part of this class as I am using my more public spaces for that.  I also occupy space in a variety of Google apps such as Google Drive and Google+.  I imagine those spaces and my online presence will be stretched even further as this course progresses.

I am also reminded that in each of these spaces I am required, sometime through simple default, to maintain a presence.  Part of my personality, values, and even biases, are projected in one form or another, to one degree or another, in each of those space.  This creates what others perceive as my online presence.  And, rightly or wrongly, I am judged by others for that presence; not necessarily WHAT platforms I use, but HOW those platforms are used to establish myself in the online community.

As I then look externally from the point of view of the world, it is not the amount of space I use that draws others users to me.  It is rather the same quality of use that causes others to step outside of their own space, so to speak, and spend time in mine.  in short, it is the quality of my presence (as determined by someone else) that is a factor in how much time they spend with me, in my space.

So, that being said, and I am well aware not very academically, is what I begin my journey with in this space, this blog, this lifestream.