My Blog Visuals

I just wanted to provide a short description of the visual elements of my blog space.  As you can see, the header is a group of boats anchored in an area; it could be a marina, a harbor or some other space.  There is little color and there seems to be a mist that obscures the view of those looking in from the outside.  There is also little, or no, interaction between any object or person in the picture.  It is, simply, a picture of space, occupied by static, unresponsive “things, that provide no meaning or context.

The background picture is of an art piece located in the Chihuly Glass Museum in Seattle, Washington.  Again, we see a nautical theme; a boat and a variety of colored glass spheres both in and out of the boat.  The spheres, as I depict them in this blog presentation, represent the ideas and concepts of the world in which we live.  The placement of the spheres shows how, when provided color, size and placement, ideas and thoughts can interact and enhance the the space.

The boat and spheres require the onlooker to mentally participate in the art.  We are further compelled to inject our emotions into it, choosing which spheres (or ideas) we wish to focus on more, and which to reject as less important.  Which spheres are more or less beautiful and which provide us with greater or lesser comfort?  The art can be seen as a representation of digital thought, causing our brains and emotions to bond and produce new ideas and attitudes about our presence in the world.

One is just occupied space.  The other is space occupied by presence.  Which one will each of us choose to be?


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