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Thanks, Philip – it’s always reassuring to know that there are a few of us in this boat. I like your spatial interpretation of using IFTTT – I wonder if it speaks to our using spaces to reveal different things about ourselves, and if bringing all of that together into one space disrupts the equilibrium we think we may have established…

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  1. One thought about our “equilibrium” that came to mind is the framework of a chemical equation. You have a given number of molecules of a variety of elements, all arranged in a certain pattern. When you apply certain applications to that arrangement, changes take place, making the molecules rearrange into something else. Much like photosynthesis.

    I suppose what I mean is that we all have our lives arranged a certain way. When a reaction to something takes place, our lives may change in the arrangement, but the basic elements are still there. Take this course for example. My life has a certain pattern. When I react to the requirement of setting up this blog and using IFTTT to rearrange everything, my life is still possessing the same things as before, it just looks different. And now that I am thinking about this, I could have saved myself a lot of time by just saying setting up this blog is like rearranging the furniture in the house. Same house, same furniture, but a different pattern.

    Nothing like bloviating for the sake of education, huh?

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