The Price of Over-Reliance on Technology?


The Day The Earth Stood Still

How reliant are we on our technology?  We use calendars to set and remind us of appointments of all kinds; we use word processing programs of all sorts to prepare documents, reports, PowerPoints, etc.; we use an almost endless menu of apps and programs that influences and controls almost every aspect of our lives.

Just recently, pursuant to school policy, I took a cell phone away from a student during class.  He was not focused on the task at hand rather, he was enjoying some game or texting a friend.  His reaction was respectful enough but his demeanor still betrayed his feelings that he had just been banished to the depths of the sea with no escape.  Much like a dead sailor in the clutches of Davy Jones, forever exiled to The Locker.  And yet, was his reaction dissimilar to ours when our lives are given the once over by unfortunate circumstances?  How do we act when we lose or misplace our phones?  You would think we had the power to stop the Earth from spinning on its axis until we find it.  How can I go on?  What will I do?  My life is over!!!

Yes, the sarcasm is dripping from my lips this morning.  But think about it; how often is our daily routine determined by technology?  And if there is the slightest interruption of internet service, we start to feel out of control.  It’s kind of like being a bicycle going faster and faster downhill and you can’t seem to get your feet back on the pedals to gain some kind of control before that tree over there moves into your path.

Well, this was just a thought I had as I was reading through some of the posts in our blogs.  And then this movie came to mind, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”  The old, original one made in 1951 has a ring of truth to it today, doesn’t it?

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  1. That is all true, Eli. And to be honest, not too long ago I preferred a paper calendar. I think those of us who have prior experience with the items and tactics you mentioned would now find them more of an inconvenience rather than an upheaval of our world. But to those who never bought a daytime planner, and who may not even know what it is, may find the loss of their smart phone a travesty on an equal scale with a major natural disaster. I know I exaggerate, but when one doesn’t know anything else except technology, it could be difficult to start all over again the learning process of life management.

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