Comment on Reading Sian Bayne through biblical eyes by Philip

The facet of trans-humanism that addresses the removal of human limitations is certainly theological. Having been to seminary and spent my entire life as part of a church system, I am interested in how we encourage others to transcend human weakness and rely on God, or whatever pronoun suits you, to lift us into the realm of super-humans, capable of doing anything our hearts desire.

I personally believe that much of the teaching involving this transcendence of humans to a surreal world of bliss is a violation of the actual scriptural context, but I understand the psychology of our need to have an avenue of escape from the finite to the infinite. I also am a believer in the power of God in someone’s life that can be manifested in unexplained ways. And I fully understand the humanistic focus that such spiritual pathways do not exist outside of ourselves and our own human achievement.

In terms of technology, do you think we (humans) are using this technology much as the ancients did with the Tower of Babel? They strove to achieve immortality by reaching beyond themselves, using their own resources and cunning. And might we one day find ourselves in the same state as they, bereft of self-control and self-determination, at the mercy of the consequences of what we have created?

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