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This is a really fantastic weekly summary Helen!

Great to see you reflecting on your specific lifestream items, and drawing this together into themes.

Binaries, dualisms, and oppositions seem to found everywhere don’t they? Perhaps they are ways of ordering the world that we find useful, or even comforting. They rarely seem to account for the nuance and complexity of the world around us, I’d argue.

Interesting ideas here around the combativeness of posthumanism too. Braidotti’s The Posthuman (, if you can get hold of it, might be a good read here, given that she describes critical posthumanism as the end of the opposition between humanism and anti-humanism. Nevertheless, I do see your point here, and the critical here may tend towards the confrontational. I wonder, though, if some of that is warranted, given the discrimination with which a ‘Eurocentric humanism’ has exported and privileged a particular model of human being, to the detriment of all others.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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