Comment on Enhanced – discourse and other pretty bots by jknox

Really enjoyed this Chenée!

This was a fantastic idea – to undertake a bit of a micro-ethnography/discourse analysis of BETT, drawing on Bayne’s TEL critique (2014), and I really like the way you approached it. We’ll be doing more around micro-ethnography in the next block!

Really liked your comments on Snapchat filters too. I think this is such an interesting area (and one we’ll perhaps touch on in block 3 when we look at algorithms): automated visuals that change our appearance. It reminds me of the ‘selfie’ camera on one of my phones (a Xiaomi), which helpfully tells you your gender and your age when you look into it. Of course, its hilarious, because it usually gets it completely wrong. However, really fascinating issues around normalising gender and age appearances.

Great to see that you bumped into my colleague too!

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