Comment on Watching the key = ‘correctly’ (2:01 mins in). But what does it mean/look like? Cf. #mscedc by jlamb

Without watching the timer on the video, I was also stopped by the point just after two minutes: ‘When used correctly, technology will allow for greater connections’.

Whilst recognising the commercial interest of the show, the video has a really instrumentalist feel: technology are ‘tools’ we can use to equip learners with skills. Like you then, I think there’s great value in the work of Bayne and other researchers who encourage us to critique the way that the digital is framed in relation to education, for instance problematising this idea of tech as tools for carrying out our educational aims.

I know that other members of the EDC class did attend Bett either as exhibitors or visitors: it would be fascinating to know whether their experience of the event was affected in any way by reading Bayne’s paper in advance?!

Anyway, a really interesting and critical reflection on the content – thanks Matthew.

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