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I really do not like looking at twitter, or perhaps I just have to become accustomed to it. It used to be such a simple, almost elegant piece of design and it’s now just a cluttered mess of adverts, promotions. The direct messaging works well enough, but holding an asynchronous discussion via the main twitter feed is tricky compared to less crowded areas such as this blog comment section; a moodle forum, or even Facebook. It could be an issue of familiarity.

Twitter is good for bookmarking links though now that IFTTT is working smoothly. I’ll certainly go back and try to put a sentence or two of context with the links I have been sharing.

The idea of me doing my week in VR hasn’t gone too well so far. I haven’t managed to get it all set up. I’ll hopefully get to that tonight.

Thanks for the feedback. You didn’t comment on my note on constructivist activity. Given the feedback I had on my essay, I’ll assume that I need to go back and read some more on that subject before I can use it comfortably in conversation.

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  1. I can understand how Twitter can seem like a jumbled mess, and it is. The hashtag designations reduce the clutter quite a bit, in my opinion, but you will always have someone who uses the hashtag to comment but who really has nothing to do with the group who created the tag. This is the drawback of a public forum and I am not sure how to really get around it without just jettisoning the whole app and going with something else. On the other hand, I too like the private messaging and have maintained some nice connections with classmates, now friends.

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