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Hi Dan,

I think social sanctions should be put in place to prevent negative outcomes!?

The students talked about trends and that they have a fear of missing out on the latest news, gadget, music and fashion. Unfortunately, it seems that Peer Pressure seems to influence their choice in technology, apps and online activity.

Linzi x

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Comment on #mscedc the first 4 lines for me relate to the need for a critical studies approach to technology. — Daniel Jackson-Yang (@dabjacksonyang) February 1, 2017 {LinkToTweet} by jknox

Nice idea here to re-interpret song lyrics to bring them in line with our digital cultures critique!

You might have seen the elernenmuzik project that came out of a previous EDC:

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Comment on Instagram: Race, gender, sexuality and class by jknox

Nice connection here between Haraway’s (rather classic) cyborg manifesto and present day politics.

I wonder though, what can you say about the role of technology here. Haraway clearly has something to say about the ‘cyborg’, but how does that kind of relationship with technology relate to contemporary political exchanges? How is technology involved in the expression, or indeed the control over, race, sexuality or class?

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Interesting post here Eli, and a nice connection between scifi and ‘the day to day’ of education technology.

I think this is one of the key things we are trying to explore in this course: whether ideas from scifi films or literature can ‘bleed down’ and influence our ideas about technology. It seems here that the surveillance of 1984 becomes the way that the ‘data capture’ of video lectures is understood. In that sense, the ideas from 1984 might provide a useful frame for taking a critical stance on lecture capture.

I suppose one could imagine that the next step after video capture is the student rating of videos, and perhaps the next step after that is the using of ratings to measure teaching performance?

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The march towards the replacement of cheap menial labour gathers pace. Millions of unskilled works would probably watch this with both wonder and a growing sense of trepidation. However, seen another way, witnessing these robots in action should be a signal to anybody that life long learning and development is the only way to stave off eventual replacement by a machine. As educators we should also not be too complacent as the capability by AI’s to teach perhaps only basic skills may be upon us sooner than we think.

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