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This is a really super and succinct summary Helen! It sounds like you’ve drawn together some really useful conclusions for block 1.

Good to hear that you are considering socio-material perspectives as a valuable ways of navigating the cybercultures themes. I certainly think that this kind of theoretical sensitivity can account for much more of the nuance in our relationships with technology, rather than relying on determinist positions, which feel much more like commitments that critical positions. I am reminded of one of your posts, however, that questioned ANTs normalising (perhaps colonial?) tendencies. There are definitely questions about who defines the important relations, however, that doesn’t negate its ability to surface issues of power and inequality. I’ll be interested to see if these perspectives carried forward for you into the ‘community’ theme.

Nevertheless, inequality, privilege, and cultural influence in the context of cybercultures are potentially productive (educational) themes to consider for your final assignment, should you wish to return to some of these ideas.

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