Comment on Weekly round-up: Week 3 by jknox

Interesting to hear that you’ve tried to limit tweets going into your lifestream. I was waiting for someone to suggest this! Might be a good way of keeping your lifestream focused on particular ‘choice’ items, a way of ‘curating’ it. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you don’t still continue to use Twitter, just that you control your lifestream a little more.

Good to also see you reflecting on education, and seeing this feature in your lifestream. Critical thinking is definitely the way to go here – think back to IDEL week 3 and 4 on criticality. This also reminds me that Jen shared a useful video on critical thinking in Twitter today:

The idea that lecture capture is a good thing could certainly be questioned, from institutional, teaching, and student perspectives, each with different nuanced. One of the key ways we can use scifi critically on this course is to recognise that it can be very flawed, however it can also be creative. The dystopic visions of surveillance cultures in scifi are definitely creative ways of perceiving our current use of technology, and a good way of developing a critical angle. Perhaps this is something to bear in mind for the final assignment? It might be productive to link things to your current work with lecture capture?

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