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Interesting to see you elaborating on the concept of time in relation to cybercultures that you brought up in the tutorial.

Do try to stick to the 250 word limit for these weekly summaries, it’s tough, but a good discipline! I also know that you were a little less active with the lifestream this week, however good job with linking to specific content and weaving these into your writing.

Lots of good and useful reflection here, and a really drawing together of ‘time’ as an underlying theme with which to conclude the cybercultures block. There was also some fantastic writing, I thought this was a particularly engaging passage:

Yet we seem not to be sufficiently prepared to “navigate” the “devastated absence” (Bayne, 2015) left by the departed humanist – it is a desert space with no gods peopled by human chimeras and curious cryogenic recoverings, where we might fall prey to creeds of greed and insularity.

This made me think about how much of education seems to be about (humanistic) values, and some kind of ethics must replace the reworking of humanism.

And the last section on ‘your’ time is fantastic!

I was also thinking about time here in relation to the technology instrumentalism and essentialism discussed by Bayne (2015) – in the sense that I was wonder what the ‘source’ of this elasticity was for you. Does time derive from ‘speedy’ technology (an essentialism), or from our desire to use it quickly or slowly (instrumentalism)? Maybe what you describe here is a useful recognition of the non-dualistic in-between, where those ‘times’ end up influencing each other.

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