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Super reflection here Linzi!

Do try to stay close to the recommended 250 words, however. It is difficult when there is a lot to reflection upon, but also important to work within limits.

Having said that, you surfaced lots of interesting themes here that relate directly to the cybercultures block. I particularly liked your comments about information exchange and bodily, face-to-face presence. There is something really interesting to explore here I think, perhaps related directly to the kind of education that you work in – it seems to me that dance education works with the body, with physicality, with our bodily presence in space, in ways that are overlooked by many of the ways technologies are discussed in relation to ‘learning’. In other words, it seems to me that dance isn’t all about ‘information’, yet that is the way a lot of technological enhancement in education is discussed.

I thought the tweet you sent today, and the great conversation you started, was also a potentially really useful critical angle for you: about kinaesthetic learning, and ‘touch’. So much of ‘cybercultures’ seems to be about ‘virtual’ worlds, avatars, and disembodied information. But that is not the only way we can think about education and technology, right? Could be some really productive themes here to return to for your final assignment, perhaps?

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