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Hello Helen, a really nice (and nicely critical) weekly summary here.

‘As I’ve already mentioned, this process is an interesting one, with the blog allowing for a spiralling* return to ideas and concepts. I did, however, wonder about *your* experience as readers. Will you be willing to return to ‘old’ ground, will you see the additions? Are you a new reader anyway? Or am I simply throwing ideas out into the ether which will never be read…?’

I think I would see the blog as an ongoing conversation, not only between us but with the wider group at different times. Of course there’s always the danger that I won’t hear your reply with so much happening therefore if there’s something you’d particularly like me to comment on (which I haven’t) please do just let me know. There’s so much attention grabbing content across the lifestream blogs that it’s possible I might miss something so do just shout out to get my attention!

I’m unfamiliar with Bruner’s work therefore please do tell me more if the situation arises in your blog.

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