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Hello Myles, thanks for your weekly review.

‘However the results have been outstanding and Im overawed by the talent that surrounds me.’

Likewise. I’ve only glanced at the work – Jeremy and I will be commenting on them later in the week – however there’s some fantastic work in there (including your own). Having only glimpsed the work, I’m struck by how many of artefacts include content other than images as a seemingly vital meaning-making component, and in particular sound. I suppose this neatly picks up on the conversation we’ve had before where Sterne (2006) encourages us to look beyond the visual in our conceptualisation of cyberculture.

‘But this leads me to a question: How much of an influence does the culture of the participants on a programme such as ours play a part in creating successful collaborative learning experiences?’

I really like this. Your point acts as a very useful reminder that for all that we might get excited about the possibilities of digital technology around education, we need to see them as a part of wider social and cultural system, as Hand (2008) argues. And going from there to think about Bayne’s (2014) paper problematising framings around technology-enhanced learning, it reminds us the digital is more complex than tools or spaces to deliver teaching and learning outcomes, not least as the technologies are entangled with human interest – the community you mention.

As you suggest, this is a really nice bridge into week 4.

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