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One of the really nice things about being a tutor on the EDC is being introduced to unfamiliar content and genres from popular culture. I’ve never been any sort of gamer (post-48K Spectrum) so it’s interesting to learn more about ‘serious gaming’. When I watched your video earlier in the week I was drawn into the YouTube comments and it was interesting to see the reverence and emotion that posters attached to the game and its music.

On top of this, the ambiguous nature of the protagonist – human or cyborg? – made we wander whether some of the ideas around cybercultures are commonly used or explored within games? If so, bearing in mind the popularity of gaming, I wonder whether in future iterations of EDC we might look towards games as a way of exploring the different conceptualisation of cyberculture, in the same way we have used film and to a lesser extent music this time around?

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