Week 4 Summary: MOOC Sign-up…WHAT have I done now?!

I just signed up for the MOOC for my Block 2 Mini-ethnographic study.  I went through several MOOC platform choices, EdX, Coursera, Canvas, etc., and finally settled on a course offered through Cascadia College in Western Canada:  Innovative Cascadia Poetry.  The course description, quoted from the MOOC site, is thus:

“This interdisciplinary course delves into the geography and poetry of the Cascadia bioregion, exploring the area’s physical landscape, its cultural roots, and the innovative poetry produced there.”

I chose this MOOC for a couple of reasons:  it offers some kind of discussion board activities as well as individual assignments and, it is outside of my personal, professional and geographic exposure radius.  I did consider MOOCs that played into my role as a teacher or graduate student, or might have enhanced my professional skills as a teacher, but I chose this basically to add a facet of learning to my academic and personal tool boxes.  There are no robots or AI.  But in terms of what we want to evolve into we must include how we view where we have come from and where we are now.

As far as how does this fit into my readings for the week: I have been thinking about community quite a bit and know that literature is a vital and rich source of how and why and where people are. Even in the last block, when we watched a variety of videos, in each one there was at least one reference to a piece of literature that provided a foundation for the impetus or motivation of the primary characters.  I am hoping this MOOC will allow me to delve more abstractly into the arena of community.

So, off we go . . . yahoo!