2 Replies to “Lifestream, Tweets”

  1. Excellent production. Not sure if it was intended, but with the audio quality as it was, I felt I was actually eavesdropping on your conversation rather than watching a youtube video!

    The idea of MOOCS getting in the way of conversation I’m not sure about. It’s not like our MSCEDC discussion forum is a hotbed of informed debate either…

  2. Thanks for your comment, Collin. The audio was.. bain of my existence rather than intentional, but it’s very nice of you to find the positive in it.

    You make a great point about the lack of discussion in other course delivery – but perhaps it is similar, in that the infrastructure doesn’t support dialogue? Though, in our case, it is perhaps too many platforms (attention spread too thin), the clunkiness of the hub, etc. Or, do you feel that even with technology to support dialogue and genuine connections, it still wouldn’t happen?

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