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x’ = sin(a * y) – cos(b * x) y’ = sin(c * x) – cos(d * y)
Over the last week I’ve come across quite a few examples of algorithmic art, and I’m struck by the beauty of much of what I’ve seen. It somehow seems at odds with the cold (impartial+neutral), scientific image of algorithms which is frequently articulated. Gillespie (2012) refers to these articulations as the ‘discursive work’ of the algorithm – could these alternative articulations, which demonstrate the selective programming, and manipulation of algorithms to an artistic end, help to create a more balanced view of algorithms? Or, at least challenge a singular view?

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  1. Really super points here. I think perhaps it is the instrumental application of algorithms that seems to produce questionable outcomes? e.g. we’re not efficient in identifying crime risk, so let’s define a precise problem and its precise solution. So, considering just the aesthetic (or material) aspects of an algorithm, as it is, seems to avoid that.

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