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  1. Great find Renee, I think it explains the difference really well.

    Could we possibly say that Data Mining is about helping us understand how to personalise and adapt teaching and learning with the hope to make improvements? (Siemens 2013)
    Whilst Learning Analytics is about measuring the individual?

  2. It seems that that is how LA is frequently used, Eli – but only using LA in this way could be limiting. I came across this:

    “EDM and Learning Analytics (LA) are two research areas with strong similarities. Both of them seek to improve education by focusing on assessment, the identification of problems and interventions. The main differences can be found in EDM’s emphasis on automated discovering and automated adaptation, whereas LA seeks to inform and empower instructors and learners in order to better leverage human judgement (Siemens and Baker, 2012). ”
    Eva Durall and Begoña Gros

    It may be getting more confusing the deeper I scratch!

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