Tweet! Even my filming gigs are about algorithms

I was filming a lecture today for the Digital Playgrounds course at ECA and would you believe it but the relevance fairies have been at it again, the lecture was about some visual works that were created using algorithms to show climate change in various outputs.

Was a great lecture, really enjoyable and again, great to see algorithms in a different light, something a mile away from learning analytics.


Tweet! It’s happening

Social situations or the support of peers has always been an important part of the learning process for me,  it worked so well with IDEL that I wanted to give people to chance to participate in something similar. I’m not sure if everyone will find it useful, but I certainly have.


Tweet! Twitter bomb, light the tape and run

Twitter had been a bit quiet this week, so knowing some of my classmates, I threw a tweet bomb and ran 🙂

It didn’t wake twitter up quite as much as I had thought it would, but then I forget that we all work in different areas and so this maybe wasn’t as relevant to everyone as I had originally thought.

Always a fun topic though and one I enjoy the debate on.  Do UG students get the best out of lectures? Or is it time for a change in our educational practises?

Tweet! Feminist perspective on sci-fi fiction

Interesting article about the feminist perspective of sci-fi fiction shared by a colleague from New College which reminded me of Harraway’s (2007) approach to highlighting the need for a feminist perspective to a field which is dominated by research and writing by men.

Harraway (2007) took a really interesting approach to using the cyborg as a metaphor for bridging gaps and ignoring boundaries, not male or female but evolved and with reduced biology allowing the possibility of eliminating male versus female. This is quite different from other feminist perspectives which accentuate the need for a balance of male and female views in research and academic writing as either will see things differently and be influenced by society differently. The perspective of a woman on sci-fi versus a man’s view on sci-fi was the main idea behind this article.


Hawaray, D. (2007) ‘A cyborg manifesto: Science, technology and social feminist in the late twentieth century’, BELL, D; KENNEDY, B (eds). The Cybercultures reader. London: Routledge, pp. 34-65.

Tweet! Cyberpunks are cool

The problem with changing topics over the course of the, well, course, is that you forget things. I went back to look over my blog and some of the readings and now I’m remembering some of the really interesting stuff I’d forgotten, like cyberpunks.Oh no, now I’m rethinking assignment topics, I don’t have time…..