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Day: March 10, 2017

Life happens behind the scenes…

Life happens behind the scenes…

Children videobomb interview

When live TV goes wrong…This BBC guest's children become the stars of the show.

Posted by BBC News on Friday, 10 March 2017

When live TV goes wrong…or should we say right? This moment for me was magical! It brought a smile to my face as the Professor tried to remain composed and professional while his cooler than cool toddler swaggers in to a live broadcast. Whether on a conference call, taking a virtual class or involved in a study group Skype chat, our lives can interrupt the moment. Our reaction is what makes us human. This video went viral in a matter of hours and although it brought a lot of laughter and joy, I couldn’t help but feel sad and disheartened at how cruel and judgemental people can be on social media. Β Online comments were full of vile accusations and assumptions, offering advice on how the individual involved should have handled the situation. Technology allows individuals to work from the comfort of their home and may even capture a moment of their ‘home’ life, which for me is endearing. We should value the advantages it brings rather than scrutinise because we can replay and dissect ones actions.